Conditions Treated Arroyo Grande, CA
Whether you’re dealing with a sore back or a bad shoulder injury, finding pain and symptom relief is important. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Arroyo Grande, here are some of the conditions we treat at Quinn Chiropractic Center.

Back Pain Arroyo Grande, CA

Back Pain

The most common reason patients visit us at Quinn Chiropractic Center is for back pain. Back pain isn’t just one of the most common types of pain, it’s also one of the most debilitating. Plus, there are a lot of different ways to injure and overwork your back, so you have to be careful.

Whether you’re dealing with lower back pain or upper back pain, we can help you find pain relief with regular adjustments. Making sure your spine is properly aligned and there’s no pressure in your spinal column allows you to move freely without pain.

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Neck Pain Arroyo Grande, CA

Neck Pain

Neck pain is another common issue that leads to chiropractic visits. What makes neck pain really tough is the fact that it can lead to lots of harsh symptoms. For example, neck pain makes it difficult to move your head, which is something you do naturally all the time. On top of that, neck problems can lead to headaches and migraines. Quinn Chiropractic Center can help you find relief from your neck pain with regular massages and adjustments, as well as light exercise recommendations.

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text neck Arroyo Grande, CA

Text Neck

The proliferation of mobile technology is causing many people to spend hours per day stooped over to view cell phone screens. While it might seem innocent enough, that tilted-forward position of the head puts a lot of strain on the lower neck, leading to the onset of painful text neck. Neck pain due to text neck is often seen among our patients at Quinn Chiropractic Center in Arroyo Grande, and we have effective treatments to help.

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Headaches and Migraines Arroyo Grande, CA

Headaches and Migraines

As we mentioned previously, neck problems can easily lead to headaches and migraines. The good news is, spine and neck adjustments can help relieve a lot of the pressure that leads to headaches and migraines. If you’ve been dealing with frequent headaches as of late and nothing seems to help, it could be a result of a herniated, bulging, or compressed disk in your spine. As always, however, Quinn Chiropractic Center can help you find relief and resume your regular life.

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shoulder pain Arroyo Grande, CA

Shoulder Pain

Not being able to use an arm properly is a big problem, so you need to get your shoulder pain treated as quickly as possible. Since your shoulders, back, and neck are all sort of tied together, treating shoulder injuries often means massages and adjustments of the neck and back. Whether your shoulder pain was caused by an injury or a chronic condition, a visit to Quinn Chiropractic Center can help.

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Auto Injuries

Though it is scary whenever you are involved in a car accident that results in injury, you need to remain calm. What you do directly after your accident may affect your reimbursement when you file a claim to your car insurance company.

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Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that replaces lost wages and pays for medical and chiropractic care for people injured on the job. It typically covers a number of injuries that can happen to nearly any worker. These injuries may occur as a result of a slip and fall accident, tripping over a hazard or on an unsafe surface, or falling off a ladder. For some workers, workers’ compensation will cover injuries that happen while the worker is driving or traveling as part of his or her work duties.

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Vertigo is the feeling that you are moving when you’re not. This sensation can be triggered by movements such as turning your head too quickly or looking down from a great distance, but it is ultimately caused by problems in the inner ear, brain, or brainstem. There are two different forms of vertigo with each stemming from various medical issues: peripheral vertigo and central vertigo.

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Back to Normal

It’s not easy dealing with pain on a daily basis, especially if your pain makes it difficult to do your job or spend time with your family. If you’re looking for fast pain relief without having to take pain medication, call Quinn Chiropractic Center to schedule a consultation or adjustment today.